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The Metaphor of the Stoic Archer

Have you heard of the metaphor of the Stoic archer?

If you’re an entrepreneur, here’s why you should…

The archer controls:

  • How much they practice.
  • How accurately they aim.
  • How well they string their bow.
  • How deftly they calibrate every arrow.

But there’s one thing they don’t control…

The archer doesn’t control where the arrow ultimately lands.

As soon as they release the arrow, it’s out of their control.

But they can optimize everything up until that point.

I love this metaphor because it reminds us to do two things:

  • Focus on what’s within our control.
  • Accept that effort doesn’t equal outcome.

Whether it’s archery, business, or content creation…

Obsess over the one thing within your control—your effort.

Instead of obsessing over what you can’t—the outcome.

Focus your time, energy, and attention on what you control:

  • Practice.
  • String your bow.
  • Calibrate your arrows.
  • Aim your sights on your target.

And when you’ve done all you can…

Nock your arrow.

Pull back the string.

Then release the arrow and your expectations.

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