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How to Create a Newsletter Welcome Sequence People Love

Curious about creating a welcome sequence for your newsletter subscribers?

The most common questions I get from creators around building a welcome sequence are:

  • How do you know what to include in a welcome sequence?
  • How many emails do you send?
  • How long should each be?

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer, but the approach I’ve taken seems to be working so far, so I’ll share it.

Here’s how to create a welcome sequence people love…

A great welcome sequence should be relevant to your audience, give tons of value, and build a connection to you and the content you create.

I frame my welcome sequence as a 7-day crash course.

So it’s less of a lead magnet and more of a thanks for subscribing.

It’s a mix of repurposed content and new, but I use it to onboard people into my ecosystem (and if you subscribed recently, you probably got it).

Here are the 4 questions I used to build it…


Question 1: How can I create a shared language with the reader?

Shared languages help bond people together, feel like they’re part of a community, and feel connected to you—like you’re a friend.

Think about:

  • Stories
  • Metaphors
  • Coined terms

You can share with them to create a shared language.


Question 2: How can I share my story to build affinity and resonance in a way that is also highly valuable?

Share stories that highlight:

  • Why you became a creator
  • Adversities you’ve overcome
  • Insights you learned the hard way

You know how we always root for the underdog in every story? It’s because we see a part of ourselves in them. What about your story would be make people feel a connection to you or want to root for you?

Share those stories and fun facts about yourself.

People tend to connect with me for things like:

  • I grew up super poor—like food stamps and public housing (adversity)
  • Despite that, I ended up getting a doctorate in psychology (triumph)
  • Even though I’m a psychologist, I’m covered in tattoos, cuss, and am super no-bullshit (contrarian/rebel)
  • I believe too many people let fear trap them in mediocrity then die with regret, so everything I do revolves around helping others reach their potential and make the most out of life (my philosophy/outlook on life)
  • I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and love Dungeons and Dragons (fun facts)

You’re sitting on tons of stories and experiences.

Share them to connect with your audience and inspire them.


Question 3: How can I introduce my best products in a non-salesy way that is also highly valuable on its own if they don’t buy now?

This is twofold:

Your first goal is for your free content to be better than other people’s paid content.

Your second goal is to create paid content that actually helps your audience and isn’t a shitty cash grab.

Use your free stuff to:

  • Build trust
  • Help the reader get results
  • Prove your stuff is 10X better than everyone else’s

Then simply let people know you have other (paid) stuff that can help them even more.

If your free stuff is amazing, purchasing your paid stuff will be a no-brainer.


Question 4: What are my must-read pieces that, if they read nothing else, would give them a huge advantage?

This gives you yet another opportunity to share content that resonates with them, builds affinity, and proves you deserve a spot in their inbox.

Treat it like a tl;dr of your archive:

  • Your best ideas
  • Your most-read pieces
  • Your highest-value concepts

Show them your highlight reel.

Time is our most precious resource—once we spend it, we can never get it back or make more.

So yes, your welcome sequence doesn’t cost them money, but it costs them time to read it—along with every newsletter or piece of content you share in the future.

Assume they’re busy and value their time—what is the absolute best shit you can share with them to earn the right to be in their inbox in the future?


Wrap Up

Once I have these 4 questions in mind, I repurpose and create content that fits the bill.

For me, that translated into a 7-day sequence.

For you, it could be 3 days, 10 days, or more.

Length is irrelevant as long as it’s valuable af.

If you’re unsure if people love your newsletter, don’t worry.

If they do, they’ll tell you.

If they don’t, tweak your welcome sequence until they do.

Then keep iterating.

It’ll never be perfect.

But that’s part of what makes being a creator such an adventure—there’s always room for improvement.

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