How to break away from mimetic desire, keeping life in perspective, and knowing your worth

Building Blocks: Actionable insights to build an Intentional Life

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Here’s another batch of actionable insights to start your week off right, so you can be more intentional with how you live, work, and create.

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Insight 1: Most people don’t know what they want

Do you know what you want? Or do you just follow the crowd? According to “mimetic desire,” most of the things we spend our entire lives chasing aren’t what we want—we just mimic what those around us chase.

In this article, author Luke Burgis walks through three Stoic strategies to break away from the crowd and discover what we actually want, so we can be more intentional with how we live.

Insight 2: Keep things in perspective

What’s one quick way to reevaluate your life and keep your priorities at the forefront of your mind?

For me, it’s the concept of memento mori—the ancient practice of using your mortality as a motivator to live fully.

In this article, Tim Urban of What But Why breaks this concept down using visuals.

“Not counting Wait But Why research, I read about five books a year, so even though it feels like I’ll read an endless number of books in the future, I actually have to choose only 300 of all the books out there to read and accept that I’ll sign off for eternity without knowing what goes on in all the rest.”

Check it out. It’s great for putting life into perspective.

Insight 3: Know your worth, then communicate it

In this TEDTalk, Casey Brown, pricing consultant, walks through how to approach pricing your products and services when you struggle to value yourself.

“No one will ever pay you what you’re worth. They’ll only ever pay you what they think you’re worth.”

Check it out if you want a simple framework to clarify and communicate the value you bring to the table.

Question for the Week

How can you bridge the gap between the person you currently are and the person you want to become?

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