Hi. I’m Corey—Dr. Corey Wilks, if you want to be formal. But I prefer to be casual.

Corey Wilks, Psy.D. picture

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Mindset & Habits Coach. I’ve been studying psychology since 2007, practicing therapy since 2014, and taught college psychology courses for five years.

I spent most of my time doing therapy in healthcare settings where I helped people with limited resources overcome obstacles in their lives. Healthcare settings don’t give you much time to do therapy, so I developed a system to get to the heart of the issue and find hyper-practical solutions quickly—the same system I bring to coaching.

I loved doing therapy, but I decided to leave for a few reasons:

  • Insurance companies dictate what you can and can’t do—they only pay for certain things.
  • I got tired of being told how to do my job. I was only allowed to help people survive, even though I’m trained to help them thrive.

So I decided to do things my way—hence this website. I want to combine my love of teaching and expertise in optimizing human behavior to help people live a meaningful life and reach their potential.

I work with Rebels—entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone brave enough to blaze their own trail.

My mission is to empower Rebels to revolutionize their lives by optimizing their mindset and habits to build a meaningful life and reach their potential.

When I’m not writing or coaching, I train BJJ, lift, read, and play D&D.

I’m always down to connect with people, so feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.