A nudge of inspiration, how to approach imperfection, and how to gain clarity and make better decisions

Building Blocks: Actionable insights to build an Intentional Life

Hey everybody,

Here’s another batch of actionable insights to start your week off right, so you can be more intentional with how you live, work, and create.

Let’s get started.

Insight 1: We all need a nudge to keep going sometimes

When you’re building something powerful—something that has the potential to transform the world—it’s easy to get discouraged or lose steam.

My latest article is on 7 pieces of writing that light a fire under my ass when I start to stumble.

Check it out if you want a dose of inspiration, and let me know what pieces I should check out that aren’t on this list.

7 Pieces of Writing to Help You Develop an Unconquerable Mindset and Live with Purpose

Insight 2: It’s okay to not be proud of what you create

Creating content can be one of the most valuable things you do for yourself—personally and professionally.

The issue most people run into when they venture into new territory—like content creation—is they let perfection and Imposter Syndrome stop them from publishing their work.

There are a lot of complicated explanations for why this happens and how to fix it, but the core issue is this:

You’re expecting to be proud of whatever you’ve created.

But when you start a new thing, you’re going to suck.

So when you’re creation doesn’t live up to your expectations—when you don’t feel proud of what you’ve created—you procrastinate by trying to make it “just a little bit better” or you throw it in the trash.

Here’s a reframe that’s helped me a ton over the last year:

I’m not proud of anything I’ve created—my website, my articles, my new YouTube channel—because of how imperfect it all is.

But I’m proud that I published it despite its imperfection.

So if you’re struggling to create content, stop trying to make something you’re proud of. Be proud you created something in the first place—that you faced your fears and did your part to make the world a little better by putting yourself out there.

Insight 3: Journaling is one of the best introspection exercises

When your livelihood hinges on your ability to think clearly, gaining and maintaining clarity is critical to success.

The simplest and most efficient way I’ve found to consistently clarify your thinking, inspect and refine your decision-making processes, and solidify memories to revisit in the future, is daily journaling.

And the best part? You don’t have to buy anything fancy.

If you want a primer on how to get started with regular journaling, check out this video by best-selling author and modern Stoic, Ryan Holiday.

Question for the Week

What is the one obstacle preventing you from making progress this week, and how—specifically—can you overcome it?

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