Let’s Talk About Rebels

Who is a Rebel?

To me, it’s someone who:

  • Is unsatisfied with their current circumstances and is ready to make a change
  • Marches to the beat of their own drum
  • Feels out of place with “normal” society or identifies as a “black sheep”
  • Seeks to disrupt their industry or challenge the status quo
  • Embraces their individuality and doesn’t give in to pressures to conform

If you’re a rebel—or you want to be a rebel—this site is for you.

Why Rebels?

Rebels are the ones who change the world. They challenge the status quo. They seek revolution—to overturn old systems that don’t work anymore—so we can grow as a society.

To a rebel, something is wrong with the world and it needs to be challenged. Rebels push back, overturn, and disrupt “business as usual.” Filled with purpose and a vision of a better world, rebels seek revolution—they’re a catalyst for change.

But being a rebel can be lonely. Blazing your own trail can be liberating but also terrifying—sometimes you feel like you’re stumbling through the dark without tools to gauge if you’re on the right path.

I’ve always gravitated toward rebels, because I’ve always been one. My friends, my clients, myself—we’re the ones society tells to “tone it down” or “just be normal.” When I was in school to become a psychologist, I was constantly told, “don’t talk like that,” “cover your tattoos,” “don’t dress so casual, you need to wear khakis and a polo if you want to be respected,” and, my favorite, “you have a strong personality.” Like it was something I needed to hide.

But I didn’t listen to them. Because I’d rather be authentic than be accepted by people like that. My authenticity is what makes me effective. And the people who get it—the rebels—are the people I’d rather associate with anyway.

I started this website because I was tired of the same old bullshit with psychology—if you wanted to get resources on psychology or mental health, you had two options: go to a professional or go to some internet “guru.”

Good luck finding a professional—they’re either locked away in the ivory towers of academia or hidden away in private practice—wearing khakis and cardigans. Most professionals don’t make their knowledge available to help people—they’re not making content that’s easy to understand or practical.

So where do people turn? The “gurus.” Snake oil salesmen who don’t know shit but sound convincing. They’ve never helped real people—they’re just regurgitating 3rd-hand information they read somewhere.

So the people with training don’t make accessible content, and the people who do make accessible content aren’t trained. So anyone wanting help was shit out of luck.

So I said, “Fuck it, I’ll do it my way,” and created this website.

Rebels are the ones who change the world. But they need help—they need tools that empower them to revolutionize their lives.

How Rebels Can Revolutionize Their Lives

As a Clinical Psychologist and Mindset & Habits Coach, I’m trained to optimize human behavior and help people live a better life by focusing on three aspects: Mindset & Insights, Habits & Skills, and Mental Wellness.

Whatever we consistently do, we get better at—good or bad. So developing the right mindset, the right habits, and overall mental wellness are crucial tools rebels must master if they want to effect real change in themselves and the world around them.

This website focuses on helping you develop mastery in these areas.

Together, we can make the world a better place by challenging the status quo, embracing our authenticity, and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Rebels seek revolution.

I empower rebels to revolutionize their lives.

Are you ready to join the revolution?