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Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Dr. Corey Wilks, aka, the “Creator Coach.”


My mission is to help a million creators reach their potential by exploring the psychology of flourishing, fulfillment, and what gets in our way.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, writer, entrepreneur, and invited contributor for Psychology Today.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the creator space like Ali Abdaal and run workshops for inspirational creator communities.

Corey Wilks, Psy.D.


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Courses to Help You Level Up Your Life & Business

World-Class Coaching
Learn the skills world-class leverage to charge $500+ an hour.
Intentional Life Design
A 5-step framework to build reach your potential and build a fulfilling life and business
Core Value Toolkit
Clarify what matters, so you can start aligning your life and business with it.


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The best place to find me is Twitter, and if you want to email me, contact me here.

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